outline view besides navigator -- as of LO 6?

asked 2018-02-20 21:51:14 +0100

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How come the great new edition of Libreoffice still does not even address the lack of a global level "Text Editing Mode", i.e. a MS Word like outline view? requests have been made thousands of times, patience have been demonstrated, as well as tolerance for the silly thing, "navigator"... which is only as useful as a TOC... so to speak, a quick access to the text's sections.. but that's all, when editing your text, it is no great help -- like being thrown back to the '90s... to OpenOffice

Most evidently, Libreoffice Writer is very similar to MS word, providing all the functionality that it has, and more... but somehow the outline view got stuck in the pipeline .. some time over a decade ago... and while EPUB 3 works, and all the shiny importing capabilities work, and much more, new styles, colors, etc, I mean, the competition against MS Word is happening at full thrust, it's fierce ...

... the outline view just did not make it into the making...

neither for the competition game's sake.. nor for the LO users'..

looks like there's no way it's ever gonna happen...

For all that, I am practically certain that by the end of 2019, Libreoffice Writer will have an outline view...

Why? Because that's the way software develops... according to usage... and functionality demands

that is, if writing involves viewing (and editing) your text in an outline view...

the software will adapt...

cause that's the way it goes...

so, my questions is: do you think that in 2018 we can already have an outline view function? parallel to navigator, not instead of it?

I respect your work!

and I expect your application to get even better :)

thank you VERY MUCH!


PS: I only briefly took a look at the 6.0.1-1 ... I was checking

  1. if navigator has improved

  2. if in "VIEW" menu, besides "normal" and "web", there was a new view, like "outline" or "editor" or something :)

and I uninstalled it, and reinstalled version 5, so, it could be that I have overlooked something during those few minutes

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Nobody is currently working on such a feature.

By the way, it's not clear from your text, what exactly makes the navigator such a "silly thing". What specific things are missing in it?

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2018-02-20 22:13:22 +0100 )edit

An analogy, using the navigator to work on text structure is a bit like having different software to _access_ website and to _display_ them. What is missing is a capability to work on text directly in Outline mode, because many professional and non-professional writers find that feature useful. And on a side note, no functionalities are missing from the navigator, but Outline mode is a missing functionality of the Main document view.

edomaur gravatar imageedomaur ( 2019-11-02 10:48:59 +0100 )edit