why animation in slide show wont repeat until end slide?

asked 2018-02-21 14:29:49 +0200

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I love your product and will never go back to Microsoft... I have never donated money for any product of anyone and am guilty of not contributing..

You guys are doing a great job... ONE DAY I will donate... but not today...

This problem has been a problem with me since ms office 97 and in every version of any office... I select the item to animate... and it will do it as I selected the options.. I am happy when I select the option to continue an animation on an image or text for any selectable number of times it works...

I am happy

but when I select on 'continue to animate until next click' or 'until end of slide'.. IT WON'T DO IT!!!


all the apps have this same dilemma... for many years now I have never got anything to make this work... Why will it not continue the animation until the next click? why wont animation rewind??? I am sure it is my misunderstanding and all the help I looked at does not go in any kind of detail enough for me to understand... I am willing to be stupid... but so far.. I do not know..

Help me please...

I know your busy and have lots to do and don't get paid enough for morons like me... But I will make a meal for the one who helps me out.. pizza, pasta, fried chicken, burrito... you name it and I will make if for you... then you have to visit me to enjoy it.. he he

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Yeah, please help us!

HanafiHikari gravatar imageHanafiHikari ( 2018-11-16 15:22:27 +0200 )edit