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soffice.bin - Application Error

asked 2018-02-22 13:08:13 +0200

steph2526 gravatar image

Since updating Libre Office every time I open Libre Office I get a soffice.bin - Application Error, unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). How can I get rid of this error? Thanks! Stephanie

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I get it too with LibreOffice when I try to open a ODT file the first time. Doesn't happen thereafter until the PC is rebooted.

Version: (x64) Build ID: 64a0f66915f38c6217de274f0aa8e15618924765 CPU threads: 4; OS: Windows 10.0; UI render: default; Locale: en-GB (en_GB); Calc: group

Running Windows 10 Pro x64 [Version 10.0.16299.309] as Admin.


profquatermass gravatar imageprofquatermass ( 2018-03-24 16:45:11 +0200 )edit

3 Answers

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answered 2018-02-22 15:00:53 +0200

lloyde12000 gravatar image

I ran into this problem. When I opened Task Manager (Win 10), I found that LO was still running. I stopped the process and then LO started correctly. Must have exited LO incorrectly previously.

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answered 2018-02-23 13:40:58 +0200

steph2526 gravatar image

Interesting. I just opened my Task Manager (Win 10) and Libre Office was not running. I then opened a Libre Office document and the problem didn't pop up, but Libre Office showed up on the Task Manager. I didn't get the error this time, and I didn't do anything. I will try this if I get the error again. Thanks.

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answered 2018-03-06 19:36:16 +0200

jllarson3 gravatar image

Same problem. However, after clean re-boot, still got the error. Libre not running in background or upon startup.

Re-opening after error works just fine.

Version: (x64), Windows 10 Home Edition,

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