I have photos I would like to send to my yahoo email

asked 2018-03-05 14:35:25 +0100

Fanliva gravatar image

hello, I get a message every time I try to send a photo to my email that I must set my default program but when i go to control panel there is no option for yahoo mail. please advise! thanks!

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You're in the wrong place - what does this have to do with LibreOffice??

David gravatar imageDavid ( 2018-03-05 17:26:22 +0100 )edit

It's conceivable that this person has a bunch of pictures in an ODT file and wants to send that for some reason. Nonetheless, how to get Yahoo mail integrated with the OS (assuming this is even possible) has nothing to do with LO. Fanliva: just open your email client and email whatever it is you have from there.

KH gravatar imageKH ( 2018-03-06 08:47:47 +0100 )edit