Calc loses freeze row/col when sheet display resized [closed]

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Just started using Libre Calc on Linux 16.04.4, kernel 4.13. Imported Apache Office .ods to Calc no problem. Unlike Apache, Calc loses the row/col freeze when I adjust the height of the sheet display. After freezing the column headers and Row A-B, I adjust the visible rows to view the headings and only the data row I'm inputting. The data I 'm collecting comes from three web sites displayed in the background. I need to be able to see the data for input and switch from Google to Calc as I change websites.

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Since it's, maybe it's a bug (or regression). Unfortunately, this is not a place for reporting errors or bugs. What you should do is searchBugzilla and see if this was already reported and report it there if it's not already. Be aware that information posted to Bugzilla might are public (that may include e-mail address and such).

Kruno gravatar imageKruno ( 2018-03-10 19:25:30 +0200 )edit