Use libreoffice-online without proxy?

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I want to familiarize myself with libreoffice-online setup and use by installing it on my Debian 9 box and accessing it directly through localhost:9980 (no proxy, no cloud storage) but have been unsuccessful. I have searched for docs on this type of setup without results. If someone can point out my errors or point me at some hints that would be appreciated.

Here's what I did.

  • Import Collabora signing key to apt.
  • Add to my sources.list
  • Install loolwsd and code-brand using Synaptic.
  • Create a self-signed CA cert, site key and site cert and put them in /etc/loolwsd with the default names as specified in loolwsd.xml. Put the CA cert in the Firefox certificate store.
  • Ran loolconfig set-admin-password.
  • As root ran service loolwsd start.
  • Checked status with loolwsd status. This shows that the daemon is running. plus a lot of other information and no error messages.
  • With Firefox, go to https://localhost:9980/

Firefox displays a blank window with "OK" in the upper left corner.

Can someone point out what I've missed?

Also, is there a loolwsd .deb package on the libreoffice web site (i.e. not Collabora)? I have not found any.

If I can get this working it will be awesome! Thank you!

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Jack, were you able to get past the "OK" in the web page of LibreOffice online? I have the same exact issue. I can enter the full address of the admin panel which shows the number of users and other information but the landing page only gives "OK".

[Edit] In my case an Apache reverse proxy is necessary because Nextcloud is hosted on a different port than LibreOffice, and LibreOffice gets called by Nextcloud. I'm not sure if LibreOffice online can work standalone.

Bendermania gravatar imageBendermania ( 2018-07-17 00:36:51 +0200 )edit