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I'm trying to migrate from Apache OO v 4 to LO 6 and there are enough differences that my workflow slows down.

Here's my current issue: in Writer, I often need to repeat a search and do so quickly. In Apache, I assigned the shortcut CTRL+PAGE DOWN to repeat search. (I wish there was a repeat search up command, but that's another issue.) At the same time, I am often working in Calc, where the built-in shortcut CTRL+PAGE DOWN moves to the next sheet (CTRL+PAGE UP moves to the previous sheet). I depend on this shortcut.

So. In trying to set up LO, I discovered that while I can make the shortcut work in Writer, it changes the shortcut in Calc. So are the shortcut tables now the same in all modules? If so, that's a disappointment.

I prefer to use keystroke shortcuts over pointer clicks on icons, because that requires taking my hands away from the keyboard. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Oops. I figured out the problem. I think. In Apache 4, there is only ONE Find & Replace dialog, that pops up in middle of screen. In LO6, there are TWO. CTRL+F brings up a little one across bottom of screen, CTRL+H brings up Find & Replace, similar to Apache. But when typing CTRL+F, cursor focus remains in that small strip at the bottom, defeating all other keystroke shortcuts, at least so far as I've discovered. Gotta hit ESC or click the red X to restore keyboard functionality. I dunno if this is a bug, but it's distracting.

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