How do I create cross-references within Draw? [closed]

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I'm editing a PDF file using LibreOffice Draw (v It's a scanned document that has text added via the GNU/Linux command ocrmypdf. The OCR had many errors so I'm cleaning up the text layer using Draw and that's working okay. However, I am stymied on cross-references.

I'd like to be able set cross references, which are similar to hyperlinks, but are only internal to the document. For example, in a table of contents or in a reference such as "See page 42". However, when I use Insert → hyperlink → document → target in document → CD icon → select page → OK, the text frames I had selected become links that do not work in the exported PDF. In my PDF viewer, they bring up an error saying, "Could not open /home/foo/#page 42".

What is the proper way to set cross references using Draw?

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