csv freezing Calc

asked 2018-04-19 17:41:09 +0100

Hello all! newbie in this forum. I'm trying to open a csv file and Calc simply freezes with one of my cpu cores @100% usage.

Here's all the related information:

$ libreoffice --version LibreOffice 00m0(Build:2)

$ cat stat_archive.csv | wc 30721 30721 20755246

Here's the first line as an example:

{"_id":{"$oid":"5a4aca64e4b0d5a04c07861a"},"assoc_time":{"$numberLong":"1544851372"},"disassoc_time":{"$numberLong":"1514841628"},"duration":{"$numberLong":"256"},"tx_bytes":{"$numberLong":"0"},"rx_bytes":{"$numberLong":"0"},"bytes":{"$num berLong":"0"},"user_id":{"$oid":"5a46c524e4b0d5a05a04dad6"},"mac":"b8:44:d9:78:a8:e4","name":null,"hostname":"iPhone-de-Ariel","is_guest":true,"site_id":"53b5a52ee4b06025fe091cad","ip":"","is_wired":false,"ap_mac":"04:18:d6:a 8:43:aa","radio":"ng","channel":1,"roam_count":0,"o":"session","oid":"53b5a52bb4b06025fe091cad","time":{"$numberLong":"1514351372000"},"datetime":{"$date":"2018-01-02T00:02:52.000Z"}}

Any ideas what to do? Thanks.

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Are you sure it's freezing and not just taking a looong time? It's 20MB data. That looks more like a JSON file than a CSV file; anyway, nothing to tell without the full file. If it doesn't contain sensitive data (or replace that with xxx) best submit a bug report and attach the file. If possible trim the file down to an amount that still exhibits the hang.

erAck gravatar imageerAck ( 2018-04-19 20:49:28 +0100 )edit