It's not a question. It's thanks!libre office

asked 2018-04-28 16:06:36 +0200

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I've used Libre Office for years. I didn't have any problems with Libre Office version 5.X until I upgraded to macOS High Sierra. When I clicked on "Print" the orientation showed portrait but it printed in landscape. I downloaded Apache Open Office & the orientation was correct. I had to create a document in Libre Office but print it in Apache Open Office. When I upgraded to the latest version of Apache Open Office & opened a document with a table, the table was blank.

I concluded that macOS High Sierra was not compatible with Libre Office & Apache Open Office. I've read a lot of complaints about macOS High Sierra.

But then, happy day, I installed Libre Office 6.X & the orientation was correct! YAY!!! Thank You!!!

I'm glad that the problem has been fixed. Maybe the powers-that-be at Libre Office were aware that 5.X wasn't compatible with macOS High Sierra.

Thank you again.

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