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asked 2018-04-29 04:34:54 +0200

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Your website clearly states the following Use documents of all kinds

LibreOffice is compatible with a wide range of document formats such as Microsoft® Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) and Publisher. But LibreOffice goes much further with its native support for a modern and open standard, the OpenDocument Format (ODF). With LibreOffice, you have maximum control over your data and content – and you can export your work in many different formats including PDF.

However I am unable to open any Publisher files. How do I go about opening them? Shannon

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Hi Shannon, can you provide more information please? Like, what does "unable" mean - do you see a specific error message? Does LibreOffice stop working? What operating system are you using? Are you trying to open the files by double-clicking them in a file manager, or directly in LibreOffice via File > Open in the menu?

With more information, it should be easier to help!

msaunders gravatar imagemsaunders ( 2018-04-30 09:27:45 +0200 )edit