Ubuntu 18.04LTS picture print

asked 2018-04-30 07:23:17 +0200

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I used LO for a long time under various Ubuntu releases with minimal problems. After upgrading to 17.10 and now to 18.04LTS, pictures in the documents are not printed, rather printed as a black rectangle. If exported to pdf pictures are black rectangles. How can I solve this problem?

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Since this is an Ubuntu upgrade issue, and not a LibreOffice problem, you might get better help on AskUbuntu. I'm using LibO on 18.04 with no problems (picture printing included) -- but then, I did a fresh install on this machine. You should also specify which version of LibO you're using, and how you installed it (PPA?). Make sure you include all relevant information in the question itself (not a comment thread!). Thanks.

David gravatar imageDavid ( 2018-04-30 10:59:09 +0200 )edit