Ppsx open automatically in presentation view bug

asked 2018-04-30 16:34:40 +0100

pavelexpertov gravatar image

updated 2020-07-09 15:02:27 +0100

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I am using libreoffice version and I installed it using debs on my linux mint 18.1.

Basically, I used Firefox web broswer to download and launch presentations and then get into them by pressing F5 key to launch it into the presentation view. However, after doing it a few times, I noticed that impress started launching them into the presentation view and each time I press 'Esc' key to exit the view, it also closes the instance of the impress.

I want to access the slides on their own but it seems I lost an ability to do that. Also I tried to download the actual files and open them from scratch but they still launch into the presentation view automatically.

File formats for these presentation files are ppsx.


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