dde server window soffice.bin - application error

asked 2018-05-16 04:53:33 +0100


I refurbish computers for Pensioners and others here in the local community.

I have tried multiple version of LibreOffice and no matter which versions I use or what computer I install it on I always get the error message "dde server window soffice.bin - application error" when I shut the computer down.

This is of course related to the quick start function of LibreOffice.

I can disable quickstarter but then when I restart a computer and click on the Writer icon I placed in the taskbar it takes anywhere between 30 seconds and 1 minute to open a blank document.

Is this normal?

I have temporarily resorted to using OpenOffice which for some reason the quick start works with no errors on shutdown. As an example Writer starts in 16 seconds in this compared to 52 seconds with the latest fresh or stable versions of LibreOffice.

I would rather use LibreOffice so if there is anything I can do or provide more information I am happy to.



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