How do I change the position of a mail merge address block? [closed]

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When using the mail merge wizard there is an option to suppress blank address lines by inserting an address block but it seems that the position of the address block is fixed and can't be moved.

My master document is for an invoice laid out in a table with different cells each for name, address, invoice amount, date, etc, etc and the address needs to appear in a specific location.

If I use the wizard and add an address block, it plonks it in underneath the letterhead and above the invoice table and won't allow me to move it.

If I put the address fields in individually in the required location any blank lines do not close up.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks.

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Could you some more details, like the OS and version of LibreOffice you are using? I tried some things and found that in Writer documents, the mail merge wizard allows you to position the address block (which is then inserted as a text frame linked to the page) and that the mail merge wizard is not available in Master documents. This is LO on Windows 7 x64.

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