Copy/Paste graphs from Libre to Adobe Illustrator on MAC

asked 2018-06-13 09:15:02 +0200

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Our workplace are using graphs sent from externals in excel format, wich we can open in excel, and then copy/paste it directly to Adobe Illustrator. The graph keeps beeing in vector format in Illustrator and it is possible to edit and resize the graph with no effect on quality.

We tried the same with LibreOffice on Windows and it worked fine when copy/paste to Illustrator. All in vector, but when doing the same on a Mac, it will not paste it as a vector, but as a normal image. We would really like to copy/paste graphs from Libre to Illustrator on a MAC and still keep the format as vector, but we cant figure out why this is not working on MAC but works on Windows. Can anyone help us?

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