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No SDBC Driver was Found

asked 2018-06-20 17:53:09 +0100

jasona77 gravatar image

I created a database but when I go to create a table, I get the following error:

SQL Status: HY000

The connection to the external data source could not be established. No SDBC driver was found for the URL 'sdbc:embedded:hsqldb'.

Will someone please help me? I am using a Mac with High Sierra and everything is updated to the latest versions. Or so it seems.

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answered 2018-06-20 18:05:11 +0100

Ratslinger gravatar image

updated 2018-06-20 18:16:53 +0100


You must install Java JDK from Oracle and check it is installed correctly in LibreOffice->Preferences under Libreoffice->Advanced

If you need further help on installing, see answer in this post -> Mac Java problem when creating a database

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I installed the JDK and JRE but when I go to Preferences->Advanced, the Java section is grayed out. I even restarted LibreOffice.

jasona77 gravatar imagejasona77 ( 2018-06-21 15:36:21 +0100 )edit

What is the version of Java installed? Did you follow the additional info in the link provided in the answer?

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2018-06-21 19:59:04 +0100 )edit
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