Is it possible to randomly delete entry on a board ? [closed]

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Hello everyone !

I'm trying to learn a new language, to do so, I created a board with, on the 1st column, the vocabulary in this language, and on the second, it's translation. Now it has some vocabulary but I wish to use it to create exercise, like removing words randomly, with a maximum of two words by line, and a minimum of one, and complete it manually in order to practice.

I've tried with Office but it didn't yield any results. So now I'm trying with Calc but I am stuck again.I quickly went through the option panel but I didn't find anything to help me, does anyone have an idea that could work ? Thank you !


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Duplicate of this post -> Randomly delete entry on a board, is it possible ?

@Starck If you want to bring question back to forefront, just edit it with a simple change. edit is lower right of your question.

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