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Why is LibreOffice incapable of deleting tables?

asked 2018-07-13 17:21:20 +0200

oconnord gravatar image

I'm using LibreOffice Impress and I have been trying to delete a table for the past 15 minutes, I have tried what Libre said should work but when I click on the table I had no option to delete the table, or even get to the menu that Libre said I should get when I click on the table. Furthermore, I can now no longer click on anything on the entire slide (every time I try to click on anything on the slide, not even the table, my cursor does not even show up). This has happened before though not to this extent (with not being able to edit the other things on the slide). Perhaps enabling ctrl+x for tables would be a good update?

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answered 2018-07-13 23:24:03 +0200

floris v gravatar image

Right click in the table (assuming that you aren't on an Apple computer, hey, it helps if you tell what system you are on), you should then see a pop-up menu, select Rows or Columns, then Delete rows or Delete column. For me that deleted the entire table.

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