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hi everyone

Is there a menu item to force base to reconnect to a remote database?

In more detail, I am thinking of a connection over the internet to a remote server.

There are two related cases:

  1. where base informs the user that a connection has failed

  2. where the user knows (or guesses) the connection has failed but base has not yet said so

I am meeting this issue when logging on from wifi networks other than my own. For whatever reason the connection stops, and at present I am exiting from base and reconnecting from the Libre Office display of recent documents.

I would like to be able to reconnect from my present screen, and have base update whatever table I have "open" on that screen, so I can see exactly what base managed to commit before the glitsch. Ideally I would be able to do that in a single mouse click (if the facility is on a toolbar) or with two (if the facility is on a menu)

If this fecility does not yet exist, please also advise how I feed a UX request into the LO team and I will make that a formal request for the future.

Best regards River~~

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