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LO6.1 Base: I have Firebird2.5 Server installed and a LOT of project based on it. What happens when I update my LO to 6.1 version?

asked 2018-08-08 20:00:34 +0200

MorZenLO gravatar image

I have a tenth of project base on Firebird as the database server and I actually use Firebird 2.5 Server version.

I don't want to update to Firebird 3.0 because I don't want my clients to update.

What happens if I update LO to 6.1 with its Firebird 3.0?

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answered 2018-08-08 22:02:20 +0200

Nothing happens. LibreOffice doesn't install a server on your box. It includes a single DLL in its program directory, which is used when LibreOffice uses its own embedded database function. No system (re)configuration related to Firebird happens.

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So it's a Firebird embedded. Thanks a lot for this useful information.

MorZenLO gravatar imageMorZenLO ( 2018-08-08 22:16:42 +0200 )edit
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