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LibreOffice 6 is missing Toolbar Button for "Close File"

asked 2018-08-13 08:59:28 +0100

Poststelle.BuS gravatar image

LibreOffice 6 is missing Toolbar Button for "Close File"

I Always chance the default toolbar buttons to include the following buttons:

  • Close LibreOffice
  • Open File
  • Save File
  • Save File as...
  • Close File <--- this command is missing
  • Print (not Print directly)

I have found a button that closes the document, if there are 2 or more documents open. But if I close the last document, then the entire program is exited, and the user is not returned to the "Home Screen" (with panels of the recently opened documents).

What happened to the button that closes the last document and returns the user to the Home Screen?

Has this button been removed or changed? Why? Please add it back. Regression bug?

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answered 2018-08-13 09:03:31 +0100

Poststelle.BuS gravatar image

Never mind. The button I was using, and that hadn't worked a bunch of times, seems to be working now. Sorry.

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