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Can't move chapter down/up using navigator [closed]

asked 2013-04-20 17:25:30 +0100

Carlos Cámara gravatar image

updated 2015-11-01 12:52:19 +0100

Alex Kemp gravatar image

I am using Libreoffice 4.0.2 and I have just noticed that when using Writer I can't move a whole chapter (and all its contents) up and down using navigator as I used to do in previous versions.

The problem is that it's not possible to click on icons that allow to increase/decrease one level and move chapters (and subchapters) up and down, although they are displayed (see screenshot here:

Can anyone tell me how can I solve this problem? I find this feature really handy and time-saving.

Thank you

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I can move it now, although I am not sure what did I do.

Carlos Cámara gravatar imageCarlos Cámara ( 2013-05-02 15:07:26 +0100 )edit

3 Answers

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answered 2013-04-22 07:59:46 +0100

froz gravatar image

updated 2013-04-22 08:30:06 +0100

Using LibreOffice 4.0.2 on Windows XP I have done all sort of things and finally been able to get the "grayed out" navigation buttons (just as in your sample), but I still don't know the "right" combination to get in "gayed out" problem (can't reproduce the problem).

The work around I have found is to hide Navigation bar and unhide it again by clicking on Navigation icon on toolbar or press F5 two times (first to hide and second to display again).

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answered 2013-04-22 00:22:12 +0100

Petr Valach gravatar image

Yes, it's bug, probably. But you can use hotkeys for moving paragraphs.

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answered 2013-05-19 20:52:19 +0100

mspohr gravatar image

Using Version on OSX. Can't move chapters in Navigator. I have followed the instructions to show all levels but the "content view icon" remains greyed-out and when I select a chapter and try to promote or demote it nothing happens. Reference to Hotkeys? What hotkeys?... not in manual... not on screen?

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