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Insert file?

asked 2018-09-14 17:27:46 +0200

PioneerPete gravatar image

I give up, how do I insert another Writer file into the current file? When I search online, the answer generally is "Insert > File" or "Insert > Document", but in Writer 6.1, there's no File or Document option in the Insert menu.

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answered 2018-09-14 17:38:22 +0200

One way is to InsertSection, and choose [x] Link and select the file.

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This works, but is there a way to show the Headers available in the original document in the new document's section in which it was inserted? (e.g. consider Doc1.odt has a header "Document 1" and Doc2.odt has a header "Document 2". When we insert link to these document in Combined.odt -- Doc1.odt in Section 1 and Doc2.odt in Section 2, Section 1 should have header "Document 1" and Section 2 should have header "Document 2". Is this possible?)

kpk gravatar imagekpk ( 2020-08-04 07:20:47 +0200 )edit

@kpk: Your comment is a separate question; please file it separately, to have own answers addressing your specific case (and that would require either using different page styles, or having that "Document N" header contents inserted using fields).

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2020-08-04 09:39:22 +0200 )edit

answered 2019-07-06 19:24:59 +0200

updated 2019-07-06 19:25:50 +0200

More a comment than a solution.

I found ebot's solution after quite a bit of searching - having deliberately not tried Insert>Paste text from file because the file I wanted to include was a writer document that contained images as well as text.

What's wrong with Insert>Post content from Writer file?

I understand that one might want to import text from any sort of file, and that there are defined OLE object file types, but surely the current case is one that crops up a lot, and could have its own menu item. ??

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Sorry, ask.LibreOffice is not a request concert. Questions are asked at ask.LibreOffice, and if you have time and desire, hopefully it will give you a correct answer. If you want to get rid of wishes, you can enter them on Bugzilla. Thank you.

ebot gravatar imageebot ( 2019-07-06 20:28:08 +0200 )edit

Please do not write a comment as an answer, thanks.

ebot gravatar imageebot ( 2019-07-06 20:29:34 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-09-14 17:34:52 +0200

ebot gravatar image

updated 2018-09-15 08:16:22 +0200

In 6.1, it should now read something like: Insert>Paste text from file ...

With a folder icon image description at the beginning.

With me Win-10-1803-64-Bit, LO-Version, UI-DE

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