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Is LibreOffice math command the same with OpenOffice math command?

asked 2018-09-15 08:11:15 +0100

Betacat gravatar image

updated 2018-09-15 10:03:47 +0100

Here is a Math commands reference of OO.

And here is a Math commands reference of LO.

It seems that they are quite the same, though I'm not sure they are totally the same. I wonder if those math commands are part of the ODF standard, such that any formula edited in OO will be presented correctely in LO and vice versa?

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answered 2018-09-15 10:33:35 +0100

RGB-es gravatar image

LibO Math has more colours than AOO Math, but if you don't use colours in your formulae, the should be no problems.

AFAIK, Math commands are not part of the ODF standard, which requires MathML language to be used instead.

But yes, if you open AOO documents in LibO, Math object should work out of the box.

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