Writer MailMerge: data sent is taken from one line above the email address [closed]

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On sending a mailmerge with a datasource of a calc ods file, the data in the mail body does not match the recipients data.

E.g. a mail is sent for mail8@host (data from line 8, column email) with data from line 7. Attached is a sample odt and ods file.

What is causing this and how to prevent?

using Writer Version: (x64) Build-ID: 0c292870b25a325b5ed35f6b45599d2ea4458e77

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After removing the surrounding table, the correct data is used.

brief gravatar imagebrief ( 2018-09-18 01:15:16 +0100 )edit

I have the same problem. was there any solution? The data from first line is sent twice in the first two recipients and the next lines are sent taking recipient from the following line (ie line 3 data are sent to line 4 email) last line data are not send because there is no recipinet under that line!

zafeiros gravatar imagezafeiros ( 2020-09-25 13:24:37 +0100 )edit