Is there a way to reference the result of Randbetween() with If()?

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In this example Column A gives us a written number One, Two or Three. Column B gives a descriptor and Column C gives us an animal. If the answer results in Three Fat Cat, I would like to know if it's possible to create an if statement that would recognize the result of


So that if Two or Three were written, it would then Concatenate an additional "s" to make the outcome more accurate, but to the specificity that I would add the "s" to cat and rhino, but not to moose.


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I was able to get it somewhat though it's quite a bit more formula than I was looking to do. Is there perhaps a more direct way?

Miletech gravatar imageMiletech ( 2018-09-25 18:43:32 +0100 )edit

Here's how I did it:

A6 is =(INDEX(A1:A3, RANDBETWEEN(1,3))) so it returns One, Two or Three

B6 is =(INDEX(B1:B3, RANDBETWEEN(1,3))) so it returns fat, small or tall

C6 is =(INDEX(C1:C3, RANDBETWEEN(1,3))) so it returns cat, rhino or moose

D6 is =IF(AND(OR(A6="Three",A6="Two"),OR(C6="cat",C6="rhino")),"s.",".") so it adds s. to cat and rhino if two or three are randomly selected and just a . if there isn't a plural.

D5 is =CONCAT(A6," ",B6," ",C6,D6) so it compiles and adds spaces

Miletech gravatar imageMiletech ( 2018-09-25 18:45:03 +0100 )edit