Printing tables with hidden columns

asked 2018-09-28 19:18:47 +0100

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When columns are hidden beetwen some other columns that need to be printed, so that whole pages are hidden between pages that need to be printed, then in page wich is previus to the adjucent completely hidden page, lasst border on that previous visible page is not being printed, border is not visible on the print, although that last column of visible page, is completely visible and formated with visible borders. This is something I noticed also in earlier version in Linux. Is this normal, or I am using it wrong, and could it be set differently?

At the moment, in order to print visible pages with all borders, column brakes need to be set, at the end of each page. And I do not need column brakes at the end of pages, because there are pages, where I want to hide only a few columns and to leave other columns visible and printable, on that page. Then some following pages would be completely printed, and some with only a fef columns, etc.

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Last right border is not visible. I have a few columns that are repeated from beginnng of the sheet, and then all other colimns are uniform and are data. So I want to print only visible columns with data, and hidden columns not to be printed. This way when I try, last right border is not visible. It is xlsx file opened and saved in Calc, but I am changing formatting in calc, so the formats are visible.

Dragoljub gravatar imageDragoljub ( 2018-09-28 19:27:15 +0100 )edit