How to add a text form hyperlink that display PART NOT ALL of content in a cell in LibreOffice Calc? [closed]

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I have a spreadsheet with 2 sheets, and the content in A1 in Sheet1 is "Description, see Figure 1". I wanna insert a text form hyperlink in Sheet1.A1 that display ONLY "Figure 1" and pointing to Sheet2. What I do is select the text "Figure 1", then click Inert->Hyperlink, in the Hyperlink Dialog I set Target to Sheet2 and leave other options to default. So far the content in Sheet1.A1 doing all I want, BUT if I close LibreOffice Calc and reopen the file, it changed, ALL the content in Sheet1.Al now became the display of the hyperlink. What can I do? Is it a BUG? Please help, thanks!

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