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How can I square a Matrix in Calc like MMULT [closed]

asked 2013-04-28 17:21:10 +0100

Dominik Rutschmann gravatar image


I want to square a Matrix (or use an other exponent) in the same way as the MMULT function works. So I don't want thet Matrix is multiplied by it´s components, instead i want that Calc makes a Row*Column multiplication.

Thank you in advance!

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Dominik Rutschmann

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MMULT does a Row*Columns multiplication. If you want to square a matrix it has to have equal numbers of rows and columns otherwise it does not work.

horst gravatar imagehorst ( 2013-04-28 20:33:50 +0100 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2013-05-05 03:28:14 +0100

horst gravatar image

You cannot use the ^n operator on a matrix function. You have to do it "by hand".

Assuming your matrix is A1:C3 (3x3). Enter in cell D1 the following formula

=MMULT(A1:C3;A1:C3). Then you get the squared matrix in D1:F3. Now in cell G1 enter

=MMULT(D1:F3;A1:C3) which results in the cubic matrix in G1:I3.

That's how you have to do it.

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answered 2013-05-04 23:11:30 +0100

Dominik Rutschmann gravatar image

updated 2013-05-19 16:52:48 +0100

Thank you.

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