Macros broken with LibreOffice Update

asked 2018-11-04 00:20:07 +0200

Mahogan gravatar image

Years ago I wrote a very intensive spreadsheet on LibreOffice Calc 3.4.3 This has hundreds of macros and functions, linked files etc. Way back then, when 3.4.4 was released, all my macros broke and got an error that the file was corrupt. So I have been using 3.4.3 for all these years. I have tried it in newer versions and it still gives the file corrupt and then opens the file, but all my macros and links do not work.

I have been satisfied using 3.4.3 as it was more important to me to use this file over updating.

Recently I have delved into fixing this problem. But before I do, I wanted to ask if anyone knows if it is a common issue that macros break with LibreOffice version updates? Also, is there anyway of getting my existing macros that work fine in 3.4.3 to work in the most recent release of LibreOffice?

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