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I have 3 screens, I need the presentation on monitor 2 and the presenter screen on monitor 3, and monitor 1 free for other work.

asked 2018-11-09 02:07:52 +0200

leftoverii gravatar image

LibreOffice 6.0.7 Linux Mint 18.1 Serena

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answered 2018-11-09 05:19:25 +0200

PhLo gravatar image

updated 2018-11-09 05:32:22 +0200

I can't answer for Linux Mint specifically, but the options within LO Impress should be similar independent of OS. I use Windows. If you are even attempting this, you probably already know how to set up the 3 displays within your OS or card-specific graphics settings. In Windows, for example, you right-click on your desktop and choose "Display Settings" from the pop-up menu to see multiple display settings. Or ⊞ (Windows Key) + P. Once that's done (extending desktop, not duplicating), there are a few settings to change (images below). Maybe you tried all this and still couldn't force the Presenter to show up on a particular screen? I don't have 3 displays to test, only 1 HDMI output on my laptop (plus, I'm using Windows).

Unfortunately Impress doesn't have a place to specify the Presenter display #, only where the Presentation plays. For only 2 displays, the Presenter and Presentation will simply swap back and forth based on the Multiple Display setting you choose.

My GUESS is that the Presenter might remain on whatever screen Impress is opened on. For example, since you want the Presenter to be on #3, click and drag the Impress window off the edge of your screen until it appears on #3 display, then drop it there. Hopefully the controller will show there when you press F5 or otherwise run your show. If not, just drag Impress window to another display and experiment with various combinations by starting your show.

The Presentation display, on the other hand, can indeed be attached to a particular display #. See the screenshots below.

I did this kind of thing all the time YEARS ago when I volunteered by running the video at my local church. I used OpenOffice/LibreOffice because it was a cheaper alternative for a nonprofit. Worked fine for me. However, I think maybe we only made use of 2 displays at once, not 3.

1) First make sure the presenter is enabled. This is found under menu: Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice Impress -> General

image description

2) Go to Menu Slide show -> Slide Show Settings...

image description

3) At the bottom of the resulting Slide Show Settings dialog, choose a display # for the Presentation to appear on

image description

Again, hopefully the presenter will remain on the screen where Impress is dragged to? Hoping...

If this doesn't work, there are a number of more sophisticated software apps that can do multiple screens with ease. Some examples that churches often use are MediaShout, EasyWorship and Pro Presenter (Mac) and others. I have NO IDEA if there is such alternative software for Linux though :( This kind of software can be expensive... but worth it if it saves headache for a staff member or band who needs sophisticated video capabilities for concerts or church services.

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I could move the presenter window in LO5,the need for sdr files made us move to LO6, I can't move it now. The combos tried: Presentation mon 1, presenter on 2. Presentation on mon 2, presenter on 1. Presentation on mon 3, presenter on 1. Because of your statement I tried initiating the slide show with impress on monitor 1, then 2, then 3, before I hit the F5 hoping that the presenter screen would show on the screen of initiation, no go there either. I can't recall how I did it in LO5.

leftoverii gravatar imageleftoverii ( 2018-11-10 04:00:57 +0200 )edit

That's unfortunate :(. There are utility programs that can force push programs to other displays via a special menu "hacked" into the title bar. Some graphics cards offer such solutions as well - so that particular programs launch on a particular display by default. However, if LO overrules such things, it might still prove a fail. I suppose this could be a feature request for Impress. It should have a drop-down to select the Presenter display # in addition to the Presentation display drop-down.

PhLo gravatar imagePhLo ( 2018-11-10 04:07:35 +0200 )edit

I did some poking on another computer. Noticed that with LO5 initiating F5 the presenter screen opens in the same screen. I wonder why this doesn't happen in LO6?

Is there something I forgot to do, that I am missing in researching this subject?

leftoverii gravatar imageleftoverii ( 2018-11-10 07:28:12 +0200 )edit

Since there are probably not a TON of people on this forum with a 3 monitor setup and Linux combination, you might be THE person to do the testing for this scenario. If it works in version 5 but not in 6, perhaps it's worth mentioning to developers, giving as many details as you can. I'm pretty new to the community. Others might have a better solution or an opinion about whether it's a "bug" worth reporting. Here's some info about bug reporting

PhLo gravatar imagePhLo ( 2018-11-10 11:12:22 +0200 )edit

Reading through the bugs now. Thank you, this is one of the things I was looking for and didn't know what to ask for. Realizing just how much I don't know, after how much I do know, sheesh.

leftoverii gravatar imageleftoverii ( 2018-11-10 15:06:55 +0200 )edit
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