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View more completions when using AutoInput on Mac OS X [closed]

asked 2013-05-09 14:48:55 +0200

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updated 2015-08-25 06:50:49 +0200

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I’ve been trying out LibreOffice Calc on Mac OS X 10.5 (PowerPC), and I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to view more completions when using AutoInput.

LibreOffice help says to use Command+Tab and Command+Shift+Tab to scroll through the completions, however, Command+Tab and Command+Shift+Tab are key combinations that OS X uses to switch between open applications.

Is there some way that I can assign a different key combination for Autoinput’s view more completions feature?

The current key combination does not seem to be listed in the Tools->Customize->Keyboard list.

You might want to consider changing the key combination to something like Control+Tab and Control+Shift+Tab for the Mac port of LibreOffice.

The following page touches upon this same question, but it does not answer the question regarding the Mac port of LibreOffice:

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answered 2013-05-10 02:09:22 +0200

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This is an old bug (FDO#33684 and probable duplicate FDO#34317). There are evidently a couple of rather fundamental issues with this AutoCompletion / AutoInput issue. One is action consistency across applications (e.g., Writer, Calc, etc.) and the other is how AutoCompletion / AutoInput key short-cuts are treated within the code. For the record / confirmation, none of the suggested key short-cuts work here under MacOS 10.6.8 with LO v4.0.2.2:

  • CTRL+TAB (navigation forward)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+TAB (navigation backward)
  • CTRL+D or CMD+SHIFT+D (drop-down list)

As you indicate, there is also no way of assigning key combinations to these actions. The comment by Kohei Yoshida in the first bug, about why key short-cuts cannot be assigned in this case, is informative. It sounds as though it is a difficult to fix problem.

NOTE: You mention you are running "Mac OS X 10.5 (PowerPC)". Please be aware that support for PowerPC is being deprecated in the v4.1 release, so v4.0 is likely to be the last available version for that architecture.

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