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How to I recover a previous saved document

asked 2018-11-19 05:00:00 +0200

mazouali gravatar image

We filled in a form and saved it ,but the computer wasnt properly shut down.At restart it ask to recover some document which I agreeed on but it turns out i wasnt the lastest saved document ,it recover just a recent saved one .how to recover it ?

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answered 2018-11-19 08:48:05 +0200

ebot gravatar image

updated 2018-11-19 08:51:04 +0200

In LibreOffice in the menu Tools>Options>Load/Save>Generell, there with Save - Save Autorecovery info every X minutes, you can set the intervals at which your document should be saved. Regardless, you can always save documents manually.

If your form document was not in recovery, it may be that it no longer exists. That's the worst case scenario.

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