Writer won't load properly and crashes

asked 2018-12-17 20:46:09 +0200

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Hello. I' new here and go by Inkslinger.

I've been using Writer for Ubuntu for many years, but now it has stopped working. I'm in the middle of a large project and I am not sure how/why Writer is broken.

A couple of days ago I had a computer crash. I was able to get that worked out, but now I can't get writer to load or work as well as it did.

When I try to open it from the icon on my screen (as I have usually done for years without problem) The Libre banner appears on the screen and the little "spinning wheel" appears, but after a few seconds, it stops and writer does not load.

When I go into "My documents, it shows either a blank page, or it will display a list of documents, That won't always open, or open to a blank page. A few moments ago, I was typing into a page, but the characters were lagging substantially. The letters did not appear until a second or so later. Not just characters - any keyboard try is very slow too. ( I have fresh batteries in it)

I've been having small glitches in Writer for some time. The problems were not enough to stop mid project and dig out solutions. But it's obviously a situation I have to fix or I won't make my deadline.

Question: do I have to uninstall Libre Office 5 for 6.0 to work properly?

My biggest complaint against Libre Office is that it takes me hours upon hours to figure out the problem (while typing these words, it took more than 20 seconds for the characters to appear on my screen." That's crazy. I've never seem a word processing program with any lag.

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