Printing orientation unpredictable

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Depending on the function I choose to print a bulk letter
1. function "Individuelles Dokument bearbeiten" / "Edit Individual Documents" or
2. function "Serienbriefdokument drucken" / "Print Merged Documents"
I've to insert the C6 envelopes
1. in the 1st case with orientation Portrait and
2. in the 2nd case with orientation Landscape
into my HP OfficeJet 7612e printer.
In both cases I verified the paper size "Envelope C6" before printing.

What can I do or what needs to be changed on the software to have always the same orientation or at least to be informed beforehand how to insert the paper?
C:\fakepath\LOFT 19890 001.png
C:\fakepath\LOFT 19890 001 ger.png
C:\fakepath\LOFT 19890 002.png

C:\fakepath\Bulk Letter.odt
C:\fakepath\Bulk Leter Table.ods

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