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Can I add a watermark to LibreOffice Calc page? [closed]

asked 2018-12-21 05:32:43 +0100

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updated 2020-07-24 00:16:46 +0100

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Would like to add a watermark (Image) to LibreOffice Calc pages. Is this possible?

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Thanks for this, helped out a lot.

ArielNr63 gravatar imageArielNr63 ( 2018-12-23 23:32:57 +0100 )edit

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answered 2018-12-21 11:59:52 +0100

ebot gravatar image

Generally, yes. But it is a bit more difficult because the page is not fixed at first. You must set print area (s) and specify the number of pages. You know how to do it.

You can create a watermark with an image or a text field.

Click the Text Box icon on the Standard toolbar. Write a text, e.g. "Confidential". Format your text. Turn the text box to your liking.

Right click the text box and select "Layout" and "In the background".

image description

Unfortunately that is only for one page. You can copy and paste the text box and use it multiple times.

Print preview:

image description

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