Libre Office won't open after Ubuntu V18 LTS update

asked 2018-12-21 10:26:37 +0200

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updated 2018-12-21 10:32:24 +0200

My question is "How do I cure this permanently?"

SYMPTOMS This question must have come up here already somewhere. It appears in the UBUNTU Forum(s) which are almost impossible to navigate that this is not an isolated case. It started after the UB upgrade to V18.

Their solution to delete LibreOffice config file which sometimes works - just once. However, it is not a permanent fix. You also have to delete the file open marker every time in order to get an edit functionality. Otherwise a "read only copy" opens.

Note: I have seen UBUNTU download and re-install the various segments of Libre Office with the same outcome.

This is ruining my Ubuntu/Libre Office experience and I find that I have to revert back to XP in order to operate on these OO files, which also has Libre Open Office suite installed. Could this be the reason for this? Like a file marker that is not compatible in some way? Let me now describe more exactly what happens:

1) Dual boot (XP/Ubuntu for many years OK) Choose UB

2) Open .doc / odt text file

3) We see the progress bar of the file loading but at the end when it should appear on screen Libre shuts down (closes)

4) Go HOME/CONFIG and delete LibreOffice config (or rename it (was)

5) Go to the target file and delete the file open marker (starts with a tild)

6) Reboot (Note that signing out then in again does not work. You must re-boot)

7) Select and re-open the target file. There is a less than even chance that it will now open.

In anticipation do I thank thee. {P.S. Will I be notified by email? How will I receive any answers?} Hollyberry

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