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asked 2018-12-27 00:51:54 +0100

Shandor379 gravatar image

I have low vision. I recently tried installing LibreOffice for Windows v6.1.3.2x64 as I have used an older version of MS Office and don't want to pay for an upgrade. LibreOffice Calc is what I'm trying first. It seems to do everything I need but there's one problem because of my vision. The light grey of the interface is hard to see. I saw that I could choose a different theme, and the solid blue makes the top toolbar more visible to me. The horizontal and vertical scrollbars didn't change though. They stayed the same light grey. The vertical scrollbar, on a spreadsheet I loaded, is small too which makes the light color more of an issue.

Is there any way to change the scrollbar color, or is there a theme that changes the scrollbar colors too?

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