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Setting tabulators for several pages

asked 2019-01-05 21:34:34 +0200

mowence gravatar image

I need to set over 300 tabulators - I can only set one for one line at a time. When I select a bigger area covering all the pages I need this on, I can no longer set tabs. Does this mean that I have to do this tedious work over 300 times? Or is there a simpler way?

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answered 2019-01-05 21:43:38 +0200

RGB-es gravatar image

updated 2019-01-05 21:53:14 +0200

You can set tabulators on paragraph styles, and then use those paragraph styles as needed. Check my book to know more about styles, tabs and a lot more.

Why do you need so many tabulators? If you are trying to set a first line indent, you don't need tabulators at all! Just set that indent on the paragraph style!

Generally speaking, tabulators are a last resource, and if you need so many probably there is an easier way to get the same result.

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Thanks for answering. The right tabulators are a necessity in financial documents. I don't need first indents. But I could used indents for later line! I also need them for making a Table of Contents. I do not understand how to work with styles, The drop-down menu says me nothing.

mowence gravatar imagemowence ( 2019-01-06 00:02:14 +0200 )edit

I found out how to use styles as you suggested. It helps Thanks.

mowence gravatar imagemowence ( 2019-01-06 01:41:52 +0200 )edit
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