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How do I delete a chart in Calc [closed]

asked 2013-05-22 04:33:19 +0200

cagey123 gravatar image

I cannot find a way to delete a chart I created in Calc.

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answered 2013-05-22 08:28:13 +0200

JohnSUN gravatar image

Just once click on chart - area of chart without border but with green markers - and then press Delete. Or choose View - Navigator (or press F5), unfold group OLE objects, doubleclick on name of your chart (e.g. Object 1). After this anyway press Delete.

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The answer misses the common use case where we see the hated "cannot delete selected objects" dialog. If you're creating a quick chart to see a trend, often you will select a column, look at the chart and then try to delete it. You will see the hated dialog if you try to delete the chart while the column is still selected. Click any cell to remove selection from the column, then chart delete will work as described here

bdre gravatar imagebdre ( 2016-11-01 17:06:29 +0200 )edit

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