Multiple input list fields with identical list

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I have a document I'm creating which has multiple input list fields of names. Each field allows the user to select from the same list of names.

As I've created the fields, it seems that there's no way to build a single list which can then be used to populate multiple fields. The reason I'd like to do that is it would allow me to change that list of names as people come and go only once, rather than edit the list and then copy that field to all the different places it shows up in the template.

Is that possible without having to resort to a macro? Macros are out of the question as I want to keep future maintenance of the template as simple as possible.

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I think We have the same problem. I have an input list field, for example the names of people and it would appear 10 times in the document. I would like to click on the first input list field and the same choice would appear in the 9 other lists. Similarly, if I would like to edit an entry in the first list, the rest of the list would make the changes. (Like in the user field/input field in the variable tab of the fields)

Ibelin123 gravatar imageIbelin123 ( 2019-01-08 05:11:36 +0100 )edit