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How do I create an email association in Libre

asked 2019-01-09 19:02:49 +0200

touchstone gravatar image

I have windows 10 and use gmail. Having created a document I want to send it by email as an attachment. The error message states : there is no email associated to perform this request. There are instructions that such an association can be created in Default Program Control Panel. Can any one help me with this.

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2 Answers

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answered 2019-01-09 23:15:51 +0200

JEDIMASTER gravatar image

updated 2019-01-10 16:37:39 +0200

You need an email program such as Thunderbird available at installed on your hard drive to make such an association. If this helps then please tick the answer (✔) ...and/or show you like it with an uptick (∧)

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answered 2019-01-10 17:23:19 +0200

touchstone gravatar image

Hi thank you for the response. I am sorry but I am still not clear about creating an email association. I am typing this response using Google Gmail on my computer. Via Gmail I send and receive emails . You mention installing "Thunderbird" as a means of creating the association I apparently need. What would be the outcome of installing this program when I already have a working email application? Why can't my gmail application be used to form the needed association?

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Agreed. Surely I don't have to install a separate email program. I can see that leading to issues. Anyone have an answer???

LTen gravatar imageLTen ( 2019-09-24 19:04:51 +0200 )edit
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