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Can I move a .odb file (Firebird embedded) between PCs?

asked 2019-01-11 12:17:59 +0100

mm0ymg gravatar image

Have set up a new base database on Windows, pulling data from an Access database by exports and imports. It appears to work fine but was surprised how small the .odb file was. My intention was to copy that .odb file onto my Linux machine and open using the same version of LibreOffice on Ubuntu. The file opens but it cannot connect to any of the other tables. I has assumed using an embedded firebird then the data would all be within the .odb file but am clearly wrong! Ultimately I want to run the database on Linux as part of a general move away from Windows and Microsoft Office. Any thoughts as to what I have missed would be most appreciated. Thanks. Malcolm

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Why do you think that the DB you registered is a FB-embedded DB? Most possibly you simply created a data source that connects to an Access DB using Access drivers installed on your system, so it needs both the drivers, and the DB itself to work. To have an embedded FB DB, you need to create one, and then import data from old ODB to new FB one.

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-01-11 12:29:02 +0100 )edit

Thanks Mike. I was working off the Status Bar which says Embedded database at the LHS and then Firebird Embedded towards the centre. I created new .odb and specified Firebird Embedded; then exported data from Access to Excel, opened in LibreOffice; copied data and then pasted into new tables in Base. Seemed logical enough when I did it!

mm0ymg gravatar imagemm0ymg ( 2019-01-11 12:46:42 +0100 )edit

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answered 2019-01-11 18:33:58 +0100

Ratslinger gravatar image


Your process seems to be correct with a few questions. You state using Excel. Not clear if this works as it should as I personally don't use Excel anymore (left Windows a few years ago for Linux). The preferred method would be to get the data into Calc then copy and paste into Base from there. Also, Firebird embedded has a different approach to data than other databases. The data is NOT committed to the database until the .odb is saved. You may transfer the data, even view it in the copied tables, but it will not be in the actual database until a save is performed.

Have created a number of Firebird embedded databases from various sources using this method without a problem.

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Just a note. Moving a Base file (especially one using an embedded DB) between PC's is no problem. Have done it many times to various Systems. Samples posted in this forum are a good example. People download & run them on different systems.

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2019-01-11 18:38:59 +0100 )edit

answered 2019-01-13 10:10:31 +0100

mm0ymg gravatar image

I think I have found the answer, but not quite sure of the solution. On my Ubuntu PC I tried to create a Base file using Firebird embedded database but that option was not available. It is LibreOffice build but only gives me the option of HSQLDB embedding. There is no Firebird option. Is this normal behaviour for Linux installs? I have done sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade but it seems to make no difference. Should I try uninstalling and then reinstalling?

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This does not appear to be an answer to the original question but rather more question and actually different than the original question.

In normal LO installs, Firebird is available when Experimental features is enabled -> Tools->Options->LibreOffice->Advanced. Regardless, your comment previously states you using a Firebird embedded database. It is certainly not clear at this point what you actually have and don't have. Was the original copy of Access data actually completed? To What DB? Shouldn't matter whether Firebird or HSQLDB!

Additionally, whether this is enabled or not, it appears an existing Firebird embedded DB can be accessed.

Can't help if proper information is incomplete or inaccurate.

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2019-01-13 17:45:50 +0100 )edit

My apologies for causing confusion. To try and get myself back in the right my setup is as follows. My main PC is Windows 10 and has LO installed. On this PC I created a new .odb using the Firebird Embedded option. I am happy that this DB is working. My alternate PC is running Ubuntu and it has LO installed. This is the problematic installation where I cannot get the Firebird Embedded option to work. I will try exploring the Experimental Features option you kindly highlighted. I have managed to create a small HSQLDB Embedded database on it but I want ultimately to migrate from my main PC to my Linux PC so need to work out how to get the full flavour Firebird Embedded working on the Linux PC. I felt this was somewhat of an answer since I ...(more)

mm0ymg gravatar imagemm0ymg ( 2019-01-13 21:29:10 +0100 )edit

I don't use 'snap' versions and this may be part of your issue. I would simply install the regular LO version on Linux.

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2019-01-13 21:37:01 +0100 )edit
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