How do I fix 2 different macros not working properly on 2 PCs?

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How do I fix 2 different macros not working properly on 2 PCs?


I upgraded from LibreOffice (LO) to on 2 PCs.

I checked if my LO 4 Writer macros on each PC still worked in LO 6. I have 30 macros. Each one simply replays 2 or 3 keystrokes. These macros were entered by typing the keystrokes for each macro into the LO macro recorder. I assigned each macro different Shortcut Keys.

I thought macros were OK on both PCs--turns out that’s not the case: 28 macros work fine. 2 macros don’t work--# 1 on PC A; # 2 on PC B.
See this Chart:

Macro #....Shortcut Keys....Works on PC A?....Works on PC B?

Macro 1....Ctrl+Shift+Z........No..........................Yes

Macro 2....Ctrl+Shift+S.......Yes..........................No

NOTE that when I say No in the above Chart, that means when I depress Shortcut Keys where there’s a No, nothing happens. That is, no macro operation; no error message; no nothing. Like these keys are broken.

A LO folder named "user" on ea PC has the 2 macros--maybe the upgrade corrupted "user" differently on each PC? To test, I swapped folders:

Now it seemed the "user" folders weren’t the problem, but ea. PC was.
Because the result of swapping "user" folders was nothing changed.

NOTE I’m NOT a programmer, but I checked BASIC syntax of the 2 macros above in both "user" folders on PC’s A & B, & they appear identical.


*1. Do the shortcut keys of the 2 macros clash with the same shortcut keys in other programs, but different programs on the different PCs?

*2. Do you know a program I can use that fixes my problematic shortcut keys, and How Do I Use Such A Program to accomplish these fixes?

*3. Or what else might fix the problem?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Try to spot the problem cause and try to run problematic macro directly, go to Tools > Macros > Run macro, select desired macro and click Run button. If macro executes as expected, try to change shortcut key combination for it. If it works, the problem is with specific key combination. If macro does not run from direct command, the problem is in the code.

SM_Riga gravatar imageSM_Riga ( 2019-02-09 13:10:15 +0200 )edit

To SM_Riga: Thank you for your clear and concise sequences of steps to isolate my problem.

For my problematic macros, Run macro showed my macros worked, and changing the problematic shortcut keys got these macros triggering.

I had a hard time changing the shortcut keys until I found this:

1 Is there a program that will help me find a conflicting program using the same shortcut keys as my macros & causing mine not to work?

2 If such a program doesn’t exist for Windows 10, is the only alternative to: kill other program 1, then retest my shortcut keys; kill program 2; etc. to find the conflicting program?

3 If I find a conflicting program, can I disable its shortcut keys if they’re not configurable in that program’s settings?

Now I know my problem is conflicting shortcut keys. This website lets ...(more)

FuturePerfect gravatar imageFuturePerfect ( 2019-02-16 09:03:45 +0200 )edit