LibreOffice to PhotoShop Font Embedding Problem

asked 2019-02-15 02:47:01 +0100

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I'm making a book cover for print on IngramSpark. They require a PDF/X which, from what I know, cannot be created with LibreOffice. So, I exported a PDF/A from LibreOffice (Draw). Fonts exported fine (Century Gothic.) I then imported the PDF to Photoshop CS6 and exported it as a PDF/X. The problem is the font did not embed in the PDF.

A little research unearthed a potential reason for this. It seems Photoshop won't embed some free fonts that do not have publication rights associated with them, or some such thing. Just as an experiment I created a PhotoShop file and typed a little text into it using Century Gothic. I then exported that file as a PDF/X and the font embedded.

All this is to say it seems PhotoShop seems to have a problem when the Century Gothic font comes from LibreOffice and will not embed it into a PDF. I need a solution.

Any ideas?

Thanks much.

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I have not found a solution to this problem, but in this instance I was able to create a workaround.

I created a PDF/A of the book cover without any text in LibreOffice, imported it into PhotoShop where I recreated the text. It took some time. I had to learn about PhotoShop's leading, kerning, justification, etc., but the tools seem pretty robust. Eventually I was able to get a pretty close match to the original. The fonts embedded in the PDF/X export from PhotoShop.

Russ G gravatar imageRuss G ( 2019-02-16 17:00:40 +0100 )edit