Installation only on partition D?

asked 2019-02-16 08:54:42 +0100

cosminemanuel_1985 gravatar image

Hi I'd like to intall libre office, but my hard drive doesn't have a partition D. I have tried the custom installation by indicating the location C: Program Files to istall, but I got the same error message. What can I do? PS: thank you in advance for your help.

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See this FAQ. Try the troubleshooting tool there, and/or log your failed installation, and provide the log here.

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2019-02-16 09:26:40 +0100 )edit

Hi! I used the toold but it doesn't find any issue. I looked better, and realised that I get the 1327 error "Invalid drive". I looked for the solution onlineand found that I should modify a registry? there are two websites I visited. The first: and the second is What should I do? Thanks in advance

cosminemanuel_1985 gravatar imagecosminemanuel_1985 ( 2019-02-18 08:33:00 +0100 )edit