LibreOffice Writer 6.1 Freezing

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I am having a major issue with Writer recently. Two different times I have gotten through writing at least 2 pages worth of material just to have it freeze and lock up completely. The only way I could kill it was through the task manager. I even turned on the option to create backups and such. But when I navigate to that particular folder, all of the backups are empty except for one that doesn't have any of my changes in the doc. There was one .bak file that was from a different document 5 hours earlier in the day. I'm on windows 10 and am completely updated to the latest stable.

I understand this is open source software, but I think at this point, 6 major releases in, we should be able to have a way to not lose our work because of a fluke crash. And I say fluke because I'm sure this is not characteristic of the software, it's great. But I'm pretty frustrated about losing my work twice after taking the recommended precautions against it. What else needs to happen here so that it doesn't happen again (besides my fingers being glued to ctrl-s)?

Also, as a side note on the website, the language in the captcha box keeps changing every refresh. Kind of weird.

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I'm having the same problem with freezing.

MarkASanders gravatar imageMarkASanders ( 2019-03-24 22:09:18 +0200 )edit