why can't i type in libreoffice writer

asked 2019-02-26 16:22:36 +0200

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Hello, I searched online and found a similar question, however there wasn't a response.

I downloaded the LibreOffice software from your website yesterday (same problems today) but when I go to create a document, as I type, nothing shows up. There is no cursor and it will tell me on the bottom of the document that, for example, there is one word and 12 characters (I've tried it several times as I type randomly) but there isn't any activity on the page. I tried saving the document and then it gets more weird - it shows a folder icon in the save box with a bunch of arrows but no titles and in the box that would usually list the folders, there are icons, but no titles for the icons. I wouldn't be able to know in which folder I was saving the document. Information is missing, as if LibreOffice is not talking to my laptop.

Please help and please let me know if you need any further information. I'm not a technophobe, but I'm fairly illiterate - ie I don't know what a tag is, it wouldn't let me ask this question without one, so I have no idea if I entered the write one.

Thanks, Bea

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(Revised) It is possible that your default style or format is using white type on a white background, similar to this question : https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/questi...

Yours is the third posting I have seen reporting this problem. Someone might be able to suggest a general solution that will work for you.

In the meantime, you might check that "transparency" has not been enabled somewhere. Go to menu Format -> Paragraph -> Transparency and make sure that the entry for No Transparency has been checked. Do the same for menu Format -> Page -> Transparency and select No Transparency.

ve3oat gravatar imageve3oat ( 2019-02-26 16:36:25 +0200 )edit