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Hey guys I have Libreoffice 4 running on budget HP Pavilion G6 laptop. The problem that I am having is that Impress has a serious lag between slide transitions. I have all animations, timers, & effects turned off. I have the transition speed set to fast.

This problem has occured in Mageia 3 and I just jumped Distros to Mint 15 to check it out and the same exact problem persists. Namely I will hit the button on my remote (same behavior when I use keyboard as well) it will take 5-10 seconds to respond and switch slides. This happens with new ODP files that I create from scratch and with .PPT files that I borrow from colleagues.

This issue has occurred with a stock install, but I do now have the multisave extension installed and disabling it has no effect.

I have also tried to use less graphics if any. I eschew .PNGs in favor of .JPGs. This serious lag occurs even when I transition between two text only slides.

I am a teacher and it is driving me crazy not to be able to easy navigate through my lessons. Any suggestions?


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One more thing....If I hit the button to transition multiple times I will get a burst of transitions almost like a slipping transmission in a car where it just kicks in and will jump a crap load of slides. The laptop is hardly high end, but this is the only lag issue on my system. No other program or part of LO lags at all.

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